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How to Decorate Your Vacation Rental Home in Park City, UT

When listing Park City, Utah vacation properties online, making a few key changes to your decor can help make your rental more appealing to vacationers. Here are some of our top vacation rental decorating tips.

Living Area

Vacationers traveling in a group will want a living area with comfortable seats and tables.

Make sure that your living area is conducive to cozy gatherings by arranging chairs and couches in such a way that guests can easily interact and hear each other. Add a coffee table or end table where guests can place drinks, plates, and phones within reach.

If you have a fireplace, draw attention to it with a rug, throw pillows, or artwork. If you don’t have a fireplace, draw attention to another source of ambient lighting that can help set the mood for group interactions. This can be an accent lamp or ambient lighting fixtures. If you have oversized windows, pull back the curtains and allow for plenty of natural light. 


It’s important to create a luxurious sleeping space to help guests relax while on vacation. Aside from investing in high quality pillows and sheets, add a lamp and a nightstand, preferably on both sides if it’s a double, queen, or king size bed. This is because guests bring items with them to bed, such as phones, keys, books, or a glass of water. Make sure that these items are within arm’s reach as they try to sleep or wake up for the day


In addition to decorating, it’s important to furnish your vacation property to make sure that guests have everything they need. Aside from chairs, tables, lamps, pillows, and bed linens, bring in some extra towels to make sure that all guests have a clean towel to use. This is particularly important if you’re hosting large groups.

Equip the kitchen with essential items such as utensils, can openers, and pots and pans for guests’ convenience. Though Park City has a fantastic restaurant scene, some guests may opt to take their food home or prepare their own. Lastly, make it easier for them to clean up by making sure there are enough paper towels, disinfectants, and dishwashing liquid in the kitchen.


Installing high-quality lighting fixtures is important, not just for ambience, but also for safety and security. To create a warm and inviting interior, avoid a single source of harsh light. Instead, introduce multiple points of light, such as floor lamps, sconces, and overhead lighting with a dimming switch. Dimmable lighting allows guests to choose different lighting levels depending on their mood or the occasion.

Ensure safety by making sure that all walkways and staircases are well-lit. Installing outdoor lighting fixtures will make it easier for guests to spot any intruders in the garden or front entrance. Motion sensor lights will also help you keep utility bills low as these lights will turn off automatically when there’s no one in the room.

Artwork and Mirrors

If you want to bring in some painting and framed artwork, take care not to hang these pieces too high. Artwork should be placed at eye-level so that guests can better appreciate them.

For hallways, consider hanging artwork five to six-feet high so that it’s eye-level as guests walk through. In the living room, any artwork on the walls should be eye-level from any seats that face toward it. Finally, when hanging artwork above the fireplace, the bottom edge should be no more than a palm’s width above the base of the mantle.

In addition to artwork, hanging mirrors can help reflect light and beauty. It’s generally advisable to place a mirror in front of an art piece, chandelier, or indoor plant instead of a blank wall.

It’s also a good idea to hang a mirror on the wall behind the dining table or kitchen bar. This will make the space appear larger as well as show the reflections of people during a gathering.

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