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Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

The ultimate home maintenance checklist for your property in Park City, Utah

Owning a home is a commitment and an investment. We’re expected to be responsible for its upkeep so it remains safe, comfortable, and in top shape. As important, proper home maintenance protects your investment because it directly affects the market value of the property.

Home maintenance can feel daunting but it does not have to be. Create a checklist and categorize the frequency of tasks. A checklist will:

  1. Enable you to determine how much you need to set aside for upkeep
  2. Slice and dice your tasks into manageable pieces
  3. Set your routine

Weekly maintenance

  • Dust surfaces and vacuum floors.
  • Wipe down tables, desks, and high-touch areas like doorknobs, faucets, light switches, and refrigerator handles.
  • Clean kitchen walls, floors, and countertops including major kitchen appliances.
  • Rid your ref of the previous week’s leftovers and anything half-eaten.
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom floor, walls, sink, shower, and bathtub.
  • Clean the bedroom and change linens and pillowcases.
  • Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and shrubs.

Monthly maintenance

  • Clean or replace HVAC filters.
  • Check for leaks around toilets and sinks.
  • Unclog sink drains and bathtubs.
  • Touch up grouts and caulking around tubs, showers, and sinks. Seal the grout lines to prevent leaks and mold growth.
  • Clean kitchen vent, range hood, and grill.
  • Deep clean the dishwasher and dryer.
  • Inspect fire extinguishers.
  • Check breakers and electrical outlets for wear and tear.
  • Replace broken or damaged door hardware and window latches.
  • Check the water softener for salt bridges and mushing; add salt as needed.
  • Remove mineral deposits from faucet aerators and showerheads.

Twice-yearly maintenance

  • Deep clean the house.
  • Change batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.
  • Examine the roof for damage, broken or loose shingles. Check the chimney for signs of wear and tear.
  • Remove debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Walk around the property and inspect exterior walls and fences for any damage and settlement.
  • Vacuum the refrigerator coils to save on energy costs.
  • Test the water heater’s pressure relief valve to prevent mineral and corrosion buildup.

Yearly maintenance

  • Update smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and home security systems.
  • Look for signs of chipping paint and apply a fresh coat of paint. Spring is the best time for this task.
  • Schedule a termite inspection.
  • Inspect and clean the septic tank.
  • Check the humidity level in your home so it remains between 30% and 50%. Low levels of humidity can make your family feel itchy and suffer sore throats, while high humidity can produce mildew and black mold. Use a hygrometer to check humidity levels.
  • Give your home a pressure or power wash to make it sparkling clean. Power washing and pressure washing can be used to eliminate all accumulated grime and dirt. Spring is a good time to give your house an extensive bath.  Consider hiring a professional cleaner with the right training and equipment to ensure that the precise level of power or pressure washing is applied correctly and quickly.

A properly maintained home often yields top dollar when it’s time to sell. Whether you’re selling or buying investment properties in Park City, Utah, work with Team Schlopy, your real estate expert with 30 years of performance-driven results. Call us today at  (435) 640-5660.

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