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See what the Park City Lifestyle offers you.

Park City, Utah was transformed from a historic silver mining town to a luxury ski resort destination with two world-class ski resorts. The quaintness of Park City has been preserved with its rich history in silver mining and the natural beauty of the scenic mountain landscape. Its small town charm has been enhanced with new and stunning architecture to create this breathtaking place that many of us love to call home! Special events include, The Sundance Film Festival, various World Cup events, The Art Festival, Deer Valley concerts, and much, much more.

How does 7,300 Skiable Acres Sound?

Park City gives us the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, the sense of community, and easy access to the Salt Lake International Airport. The lifestyle here is about the best snow in the world with the nation’s largest ski resort (7,300 Skiable Acres), world class golf courses, blue ribbon fishing, and walking and biking trails that exceed 450 miles. Park City is a small town with a big city atmosphere because of all the amenities that it has to offer.

Summer Time

There is more than snow in Park City

As the snow recedes from the mountains and valleys surrounding Park City, approximately 400 miles of single-track trail emerges. The trails are open to hiking/trail-running, mountain biking and equestrian trail users. Ranging in altitude from 6,500’ to nearly 10,000’, the trail system spans the whole environmental scale. In a single excursion, trail users can experience everything from high-desert covered in sagebrush, mountain mahogany and rabbit brush to the archetypal high-altitude alpine environment. So, grab a bike and hit the trails.