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8 Scams to Watch Out For This Holiday Season

The holidays are a happy time for celebrating with family, friends, and co-workers. Unfortunately, this time of year can also be turned sour by a wide variety of clever frauds, unauthorized debit and credit card transactions, and bogus person-to-person scams. By the end of 2015, individuals, retailers, charitable donors, and companies were victimized to the […]

Achtung Everyone – check your bindings!

It’s a little like the guy who drives off the used car lot with no insurance – two blocks down the road and he’s wrapped his new purchase around a light pole. Seriously, I had a friend do this with a brand new waterski boat on I-70 in Denver! His prized new Mastercraft went sailing […]

Get Fit for the Ski Season: 3 Pillars of Physically Conditioning for Skiing

As you know, skiing is a physically taxing and dynamic sport – which means you’ll want to train in a similar manner. Hopefully, you’ve done enough aerobic exercise throughout the summer and early fall to begin some interval and strength training. There are 3 pillars of physically conditioning for skiing: Leg strength, core strength and […]